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Miriam O’Gara-Kilmurry – Reiki Healer

Miriam O’Gara-Kilmurry – The Celtress

REIKI 1st, 2nd and Reiki MASTER


As a Reiki Healer, I specialise in Distance Reiki, with relaxation, fear and stress alleviation and confidence building.

Many of us suffer from diminished ‘lifeforce’ (or Ki), which can manifest as fear, ill health, lack of stamina. This lack of Ki can aggravate many other health issues. Reiki healing Therapy quickly rebalances our Ki and works very well at rebuilding our stamina.

“It was during the Millennium that I discovered Reiki. Since then I have attained all the levels through to Master and trained in REIKE PSYCHIC PROGRAMS in 2011.”

Today, I have opted to move this work centre stage. I can be contacted for readings via this page and payment can be made through Stripe.

Distance Reiki –

Our life force is called Ki. It is not subject to time or space and with the right intent and gifted Reiki healer, it can be channelled to calm, build confidence and reinforce stamina in your hour of need.

Miriam O’Gara-Kilmurry. USUI SHIKI RYOHO Reiki Healer since 2011.



Please note:

It is important to note, that Reiki Therapy is not a substitute for conventional medical care or ANY condition requiring immediate medical care. Please note, Reiki cannot be sent to anyone without their prior knowledge and permission. If you are requesting Reiki to be sent to a friend, family member or colleague, I must have their permission first.

Are you suffering from stress, fear, lack of confidence, PTSD, lack of stamina? Are you convalescing following surgery, grief, or another major life change? As a Reiki Therapist, I specialise in Distance Reiki, relaxation, stress alleviation and confidence building. These are my areas of healing expertise and in these difficult times, I have decided to take my Reiki Therapy Online, and that is the great thing about Reiki, because I am attuned to the Distance Symbol, I can send the ‘Ki’ (lifeforce) directly to you. Reiki distance healing has a long pedigree, as well as being practised in 1-2-1 sessions, it has, over generations, also been practised at a distance and so, with an attuned Reiki healer, ZOOM sessions translate easily to the online work model. If you would like a Reiki Distance Healing session with me, then why not make a booking today!

Recent Testimonial:

An unfortunate accident found me sitting in a casualty department at 3am, feeling lost, vulnerable and in pain.  I reached out to my friend Miriam, just to let her know what had happened, little knowing that Miriam could and would be able to alleviate my misery.  Miriam told me that she was going to send Reiki healing to me, which within twenty minutes of concluding our chat I did as she advised, and called upon my gift of Reiki healing energy.  Almost immediately the situation changed; a nurse came and took me into a room to clean and temporarily pin together my wound and give me pain relief.  This was not normal practice as I had already been through Triage and was not supposed to be seen again until admission to the a&e department.  My pain eased, I felt a calmness and warmth which gave me the courage to hope that I was going to be okay.  Then at 5am I was given a bed, I slept but when I woke I continued to call on my healing and throughout I felt in control and calm despite the seriousness of my wound.  I still find it incredible how quickly my situation turned around when it really appeared hopeless and just when I was at my lowest Reiki healing carried me through.  I am very grateful.

Sharon Cunningham

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