Academy Award-winning star of WESTSIDE STORY, to appear on ‘WRITER’S BLOCK’ with Miriam O’Gara, The Celtress. Broadcasting: September 16th, which happens to be his birthday. I just can’t wait to interview this wonderfully talented actor, singer and to quote dance star, Rita Moreno, ‘most elegant dancer’ about the writing of

The Celtress sings -Happy Days Are Here Again.

Miriam O’Gara Hi! Miriam O’Gara here, The Celtress. I ‘m just re-sharing this video from last year, 2020, when we all prayed like mad for some kind of vaccine and exit from COVID-19. Well, thankfully it does seem Happy Days Are Here Again! Mind yourselves. There does seem to be

My Guest, Alison Arngrim, on WRITER’S BLOCK with Miriam YouTube, 17th April, 2021.

Next week on WRITER’S BLOCK with Miriam, my special guest will be Alison Arngrim, AKA Neille Oleson from THE LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRE. BLOG: 6TH APRILI am currently prepping for an interview I’ll be recording on 15th April. It’s with the amazing actress, Alison Arngrim, who played the antagonist,

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