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The Celtress, Miriam O’Gara, interviews Niamh Carolan on business block.

The Celtress interviews, Kathleen Fanning, executive coach, on business block.

It was a real delight and honour to interview Women’s Inspire Member, Kathleen Fanning on BUSINESS BLOCK. She is an award winning coach and founder of Thank you Kathleen for being on the show. Kathleen Fanning specialises in overwhelm, burn out and helping clients move on from overwhelm to

Bestselling Author Sheila Forsey, is interviewed by Miriam O’Gara (The Celtress) on WRITER’S BLOCK.

The Celtress (Miriam O’Gara) sings, A SOLDIER OF FORTUNE, by David Coverdale and Richie Blackmore. 26 July, 2021.

The Celtress on Be My Guest.

Be My Guest with Miriam O’Gara, a.k.a. The Celtress

Anthony Murphy of Mythical Ireland on WRITER’S BLOCK with Miriam O’Gara, a.k.a. The Celtress.

RETURN TO SEGAIS is Anthony Murphy’s 8th book and is a story of human experience and the exploration of unconscious depths through mythology, exemplified by the life cycle of the Salmon. Putting us in contact with our ancestors, and using mythology to trace the branches of our ancient Irish past.

Goddess Bóinn

This week I interviewed Anthony Murphy of ‘Mythical Ireland,’ and I will link this interview in my next post. In the interview he mentions how he would like to see a reconstruction of the Goddess Bóinn, who gave her name to the river Boyne, one of Ireland’s most illustrious rivers

Happy Summer solictice to you all! Follow Mythical Ireland founded by Anthony Murphy.

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