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The Celtress – Life Purpose Coach

What if you found the answer to, “Who am I today and what is my life’s purpose?” It’s not difficult. It just takes a little instruction.

As the years have progressed my own life has required a deeper understanding of the ‘laws of attraction.’ I have led a somewhat exciting and varied life working in theatre and teaching. In that time, I learned how to manifest what I needed for both my present and future life blueprints. This is one of the main differences between other therapies and coaching. For Life Purpose Coaches, the emphasis is on the present and future rather than analysing the past. We create plans. I had been severely ill on more than one occasion life and I learned to harness dreams of creating my way out of illness and ultimately realising my goals using my positivity and creating plans that master invisible ‘laws of success’ as well as ‘laws of attraction.’ Life Purpose Coaches guide you in reframing behaviours, the bad habits, old mindsets, and obstacles that hold us back and most of all, procrastination and fear.

As coaches, we identify how aligning our chosen work, be that singing, architecture, being a parent, or any role, with our souls purpose, results in making our existence instantly more fruitful and ultimately happier – and no matter what your age, a Life Purpose Coach will help you identify and find clarity on your current life’s purpose as you wish it to be for you today.

So whether you are 19 or 89, if you are asking the questions “Who am I today and what is my life’s purpose?… then be assured, the fact that you are asking those questions, means you still have a life purpose – and I can help.

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Miriam O’Gara-Kilmurry (The Celtress).

Life Purpose Coaching Dip (Distinction)

Quality Licence Scheme Certificate of Achievement. Diploma in Life Purpose Coach at Level 3 at QLS Level 3 (UK)

BA(Hons), MA EngL(Merit), Post-graduate Dip. Humanities. CELTA.

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