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I am a lover of 'voices.' A born singer who sings the praises of people. Professional Singer/Author/Broadcaster. I was born a singer. That will always be the first thing on my 'About List.' Luckily, and to my surprise, as the years go by 'the voice' is still there. I have lived in all four corners of the world, but my birthplace called me home in 2005. Absence, certainly helps you recognise what makes you YOU. Although I was born an Aviation Brat, a city dwelling cosmopolitan Dubliner. I learned that my psyche and soul were intrinsically Irish Celtic. And so the parodical daughter returned, embracing her Irish Celtic identity all the more and ready to learn what that really meant to her. As well as being a singer, I am an author and broadcaster, wife and animal lover. I host two shows WRITER'S BLOCK with Miriam and BUSINESS BLOCK on YouTube. I run a blog titled an Irish Womans View found on this website


16th September, 2021 I was so honoured to that my September 2021, guest was the legendary, Oscar and Golden Globe winning dancer, actor and singer, George Chakiris to discuss his March 2021 memoir publication, MY WEST SIDE STORY. What a wonderful kind and interesting man who is full of gratitude

Sonya Murphy Lyons Director of MEZZO MUSIC ACADEMY

On 8th September I broadcasted my interview with Irish musician and director of Mezzo Music Academy, Sonya Murphy Lyons. This interviews is a tribute to her father William (Willie) Murphy, who was a well known Dublin musician and staff member at her company, and passed away soon after. Once again,

Irish Nutritionist, Laurann O’Reilly, is interviewed by Miriam O’Gara, The Celtress.

An American Trailblazing In Irelalnd

Nancy Ward is Head of Programme Development for ‘Entrepreneurs Academy’ based in Ireland, however, her passion project and current start-up is ‘Kids Klothes’ ( in which she collaborates with groups such as sports clubs and schools to offer your kids klothes’ a second life. She chats to singer and broadcaster,

the celtress, after-hours. Episode 1

Episode 1 of THE CELTRESS, AFTER-HOURS. This introductory episode is very much about, well, wouldn’t you know, ME! Lol. Identity is the theme, and a hugely important issue for some of us, and while I understand it is not important for certain others in society, for the Irish, it is

sing for your dinner.

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i found this picture of these knives and really wanted to know more. their story is fascinating. — Knives with musical notes on the blades are known as notation knives. A notation is the written version of a physical process,…


Academy Award-winning star of WESTSIDE STORY, to appear on ‘WRITER’S BLOCK’ with Miriam O’Gara, The Celtress. Broadcasting: September 16th, which happens to be his birthday. I just can’t wait to interview this wonderfully talented actor, singer and to quote dance star, Rita Moreno, ‘most elegant dancer’ about the writing of

Tribute to a fellow Bunratty Castle Entertainer. Julie – Anne Collopy Dineen

Rose of Tralee Festival, 1991. Gosh, I hadn’t expected this to pop-up, but I’m glad it did. Julie-Anne Dineen (nee Collopy), in green, exemplified the best of what The Bunratty Castle Entertainers stood for. Fabulous smile, fun, great voice and put everything into her performance, and so kind. Singing here

‘THE CELTRESS After-Hours’

20th August, 2021 Hi everyone! It’s Miriam O’Gara, ‘The Celtress’ here. An amendment to my 12th August post. Just to let you know I will be doing a regular half-hour interview show, online, starting this Sunday, 22th August, called ‘The Celtress After-Hours.’ Kicking off on Sunday, 22th August, at 9PM.

Thank you from the celtress

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