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About The Celtress

I count myself fortunate to know who I am. I am a singer (or SONGSTRESS as I prefer to be called), Celt, author, wife, teacher and mentor, and Celts are very good at working with this kind of duality.

As I write, we are in week 16 of COVID-19, and the world has changed utterly. I am having to consider yet more change. If you’ve been using your gifts, you’ll know it is our talents that prepare us for moments like this, so encourage this in others around you, and in yourself. I will post thoughts, interviews and stories to help as often as I can.

Enjoy this site and come back soon.

The above was my opening blog an gosh, it is so incredible to think that it was posted 2 years ago! We have survived this awful pandemic – aren’t we great!


Miriam O’Gara The Celtress

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