For some time now I have thought about a magazine, digital one, but with an traditional feel to it and I finally realised how to produce one during the pandemic (I suppose you could call it one of the upsides to being restricted to barracks) and at the same time, I came to realise that I had a lot of content that I was funneling in so many different directions and that some of the content was in reality too good for just a blog, and so I sometimes wouldn’t do the blog at all. Something was off and I couldn’t quite figure it out. Then it dawned on me,. It’s time to start that magazine.

I’ll be collaborating with all kinds of talented people and really hope to reflect the achievements of all of us who find ourselves SHARING THE STAGE.

More details to come.


The Celtress

I’m so excited to announce the launch of SHARING THE STAGE, on New Year’s Day, 2022.