This is a new website by Sharon Cunningham, who is based in Ireland’s Ancient East and loves all things fashion and vintage. I particularly like her blogging on such topics as, Do clothes make you happy? Her research is excellent and extensive. I think this blog will develop into a proper resource. Great advice.

Never forget your four legged angels

What a privilege to be able to call animals our friends. This was lovely old Jake, the Salon Varieties theatre dog, crashing my photo shoot in 1989 before a show I was to sing in. He belonged to the stage manager and was so loving. May we never forget our four legged angels.

Realising I was a Medium.

By The Celtress Miriam O’Gara We Celts can’t resist things mystical. I’m no different. Music is mystical and as a singer, I’ve always been in tune with how my body feels. I just know when things aren’t right. I used to put this down to how sound readily sensitises the body, to the point where […]