Oldbridge House, Site of The Battle of The Boyne

I loved my walk in the Walled garden of Oldbridge House yesterday. For a very quick synopsis of the history of The Battle of the Boyne, go to my AN IRISH WOMAN’S VIEW page of this website. Enjoy!

From The Celtress. Welcome to my new podcast on PodBean. AWAKENED: The Transformative Power of Books – The Memoir

So you want to write a memoir? Some thoughts by Miriam O’Gara, The Celtress. Who has herself published a memoir, Tehran Calling, and is a singer/broadcaster and author. Miriam hosts the YouTube celebrity author book show, WRITER’S BLOCK.  https://youtu.be/CWNqeQHA_tY Source: AWAKENED: The Transformative Power of Books – The Memoir