Take me home as I amid my soul for you to see. Nonetheless, in time we have to perceive our true love to as I avoid thee. As I pray, a thousand prayers, I share my stargazing eyes. Take me to a place as I belong in a world hidden behind the skies. To wonder […]


2 Replies to “‘midwayer,”

  1. Sharon Cunningham says:

    Hello Miriam
    I would be grateful if you could share your views on the issue that I have found with so called gluten free products that still contain maize or oats.
    I have so many intolerances to certain foods and find it so difficult to buy food that will not exacerbate my intolerance and cause a reaction which can take me months to recover from.
    I do not understand why there is not more support available to people like I who have suffered with this since the age of 17 and now in my early 50s I am hypersensitive to these foods. To be honest it has curtailed my enjoyment of life and been truly debilitating. Thank you


    • Hi Sharon.
      Gosh I totally sympathise. When I got sick at 40, my digestive system changed. I became allergic to a variety of foods, and gluten foods definitely factored in, though that really wasn’t clear to me at the time. The problem became exacerbated by two things: Stress and going into my 40s. Though I would say that intolerance to cucumber, something I’d eaten all my life, started much earlier, at aged 30.
      Like you, I read the labels and as you say support is sparse.
      I have what is called Chronic Urticaria and Angiodema (hives and swelling that appears out of the blue). The foods you mention trigger it. So, maybe come at this from another angle.
      Look at foods that are high in histamine and reduce those down. I am no medical expert, but an anti-histamine tablet daily could be a conversation worth having with your doctor. It works for me.
      It is only AN IRISH WOMAN’S VIEW, and we tend to develop sensitive digestion. It’s not an expert view or scientific advice. But may lead to further options.
      I use this book, ‘Histamine Intolerance, The Cookbook.’ By Michelle Berriedale-Johnson
      I hope this helps.
      MiriamO’Gara-Kilmurry – The Celtress.

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